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Best Practices (Adobe Acrobat PDF Format)
Financial Operations
Reserve Studies/Management
Governance, Resident Involvement and Conflict Resolution
Community Harmony/Spirit/Involvement
Strategic Planning
Communications is the Key
12 Tips For Improving Your Newsletter
Community or Complex! Where Do I Live?
Getting the Message Out
Homeowner Association Newsletters: Potential for Libel
Aging In Place: Special Needs of Co-owners
Pearls of Wisdom
Picture This – Improving Communications With Visual Aids
Planning Your Communication Program
To Tell the Truth
Want to Increase Attendance at Community Events?
Transition Studies
Transition From Developer to You: The Basics

Asphalt Maintenance, Repair & Replacement
Damage to Trees
Essentials of Excellent Contractor Relations
Painting Exteriors (PDF)
Ice Dams
Landscape Questions
Tips for Handling Major Replacement Projects
Preventing Moisture Damage
An Ounce of Prevention
So What If You Don’t Fix It Right Now
Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees
Trees and Shrubs in the Urban Environment
What Every Michigan Association Should Know About Construction Liens
Winter Maintenance of Roads & Parking Areas
Be Your Own Nursery
Siding and Paint Failure
Building Value by Preventive Maintenance
Hiring the Right Contractor
Smarter Landscaping – How Shaping the Environment Can Reduce Energy Costs
Amending Documents in a Mature Association
The Association & the Government
Association Boards & the “Duty to Act”
Community Associations & the Disabled Owner
CAI Public Policy Positions
The Fair Housing Act & Parking In Your Association
FCC Satellite Dish and OTARD Ruling (9/25/98)
Fuzzy Pictures (Satellite Dishes)
Indemnification Minefield
Liability On Tap (Parties)
New Amendments to Condo Act
Privacy Under Siege
Satellite Dishes – Can We Still Regulate Them?
Securing Owner Compliance

Make Sure Your Enforcement Charges are Collectible
Avoiding Audits
Collection of Condominium Assessments
Maintaining Your Budget by Cutting Costs
Proactive Measures Safeguard Association Assets
Financial Statements Made Simple
Getting Your Money
Loans Are a Many Splendored Thing
Loans to Condominium Associations: A Step-by-Step Guide
Practical Thoughts on Budget Preparation
Preparing Annual Budget is Not an Exact Science
Presenting the Budget
Taxation of Condominium Associations
Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing
Budgeting for the Future
Who Should Pay the Deductible?
Disaster Planning
General Liability & Umbrella Liability Insurance
Insurance for Condo Owners
At a Loss for Protection
Risky Business
Myths and Facts About National Flood Insurance
Reserve Software: What You Do and Don’t Get
Reserve Studies Minimize Liability
Updating Your Reserve Study

The Costs of Management
Clarifying Misconceptions About the Manager’s Role
Working With Boards

50 Ways to Get the Most Out of Committees
The Entire Board Just Resigned! What Do We Do?
How Does Your Association Measure Up?
Know Your Business
Looking for A Few Good Volunteers
Association Governance: A New Model
Preventing Coups D’Etat
Volunteer? Who Me–For What?
Establishing and Guiding Committees
Annual Meetings – Don’t Waste a Great Opportunity
Keeping Good Minutes
Conducting Meetings
Reduce Stress Levels by Changing Unit Owner Perception
Dealing With Owners
Handling Angry Homeowners
20 Ways to Handle Homeowners
The Apathy Issue
Defusing Explosive People
Internet & Technology
Whose Data Is It, Anyway?
Tree Inventories Go Electronic